Say ‘No’ to the Fiction of Brain Diseases. Towards a new psychiatry for - 'biological depression', ‘biological anxiety', ADHD, Manic-depression and Schizophrenia.

During my lifetime I have witnessed the fall of Freudian psychiatry and the ascension of molecular psychiatry. Unfortunately, we have gone from the frying pan into the fire. I certainly do not subscribe to old-fashioned psychoanalytic ideas which had been beset by considerable problems throughout…

No, there is no such thing as ADHD.

  No, there is no such thing as ADHD. Somewhere along the line we have lost the understanding that kids come in all shapes and sizes. Some kids are active, some are quiet; some kids are dreamers, others are daring; some kids are dramatic, others are observers; some impulsive, others reserved;…

A Call to Arms. The future of psychiatry is at stake.

  Psychiatry is fast approaching a death spiral which we as a society may not be able to recover from. In many residencies, psychotherapy is not even being taught. Many psychotherapists of all professions – psychiatric, psychologists, and social workers have been intimidated by specious…
suicide gene

Robin Williams' painful suicide. But the Autopsy is back.

I have stayed away from speculations about Robin Williams' suicide. I don’t know what pushed him over and neither do you. The autopsy showed that he had not been drinking or using illegal drugs, but he was taking prescription drugs. And what were they? It is important to take note that two of these…