Sleep Housecleans Consciousness by Dreaming, just as it does with its Brain Metabolites

House-Cleaning-Cartoons“ Sleep Helps Brain Stay Fit by Clearing Waste” 100% supports the function of sleep in the brain that I described in Chapter 1 of the book. It defines some of the specific mechanisms of how the brain clears out its metabolites to clean house in order to be prepared to take on the next day. Of greater importance is that the brain does the very same thing in the realm of consciousness itself. The function of dreaming is to digest and detoxify conflicts stirred in the ‘play’ of consciousness in order for the brain to be at its best to take on the next day. This is based on the new paradigm that consciousness is organized in the brain mappings as a play, with a cast of characters, feeling relatedness between them, plots, set designs and a landscape.

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