Robin Williams’ painful suicide. But the Autopsy is back.

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I have stayed away from speculations about Robin Williams’ suicide. I don’t know what pushed him over and neither do you. The autopsy showed that he had not been drinking or using illegal drugs, but he was taking prescription drugs. And what were they? It is important to take note that two of these prescription drugs were antidepressants. And he began taking Seroquel a week before he committed suicide. This is very suspicious. Antidepressants have been implicated in suicides by children and by adolescents. It is already established that that they embolden people to act on suicidal tendencies. The black box warning has been avoided in adults, but it is only a matter of time.

Antidepressants numb and harden people and make them not feel. This sometimes makes it seem like they are not depressed, because it numbs them from feeling. I wrote about this in “No is not the Neurotransmitters. Depression is not a biological disease caused by an imbalance of serotonin”, and “Add Tony Scott to the list of suicides on antidepressants”. Also see “To recover from the Numbing and Addictive Effects of Antidepressants”, as well as many other blogs. And I’ll reiterate that its not so simple to just stop them. They are habituating and generate very disturbing and frightening side effects. Stopping antidepressants should be done slowly with careful supervision.

I can only wish that Robin Williams was in a good psychotherapy. His loss is such a great tragedy.

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  1. Matt Faw
    Matt Faw says:

    Hi Bob,

    Wow, what a revelation, that he just started taking a new antidepressant, just a week before his suicide. I never heard that from the media (but then, I’m not all that plugged in). How incredibly suspicious!

    How sad it would be if Williams was just seeking to balance himself out with antidepressants, and ended up being driven to his death by them. It’s hard to imagine that a ‘talking cure’ could lead to the same place.

    There’s an anti-psychiatry permanent exhibit that someone created here in L.A., which high-lights the most barbaric treatments of the past. The shame is that psychiatrists are portrayed as menacing and cruel, whereas I’m sure most doctors, throughout history, have wanted the best for their patients. It’s just that the understanding of the brain and its pathologies is so young and incomplete, and society has long had such a reactive relationship to mental illness. Psychiatry is always based in the society that produces it. Right now, I guess the trend is to try to bully your brain around with chemicals, solve everything with pharmaceuticals. And unfortunately, the profit margin aims us toward more of that. It would be nice to see more of psychiatry do like you do, and use the power of the individual to help unwind their pathology, keep them active in their own cure.


    matt faw


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