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download (2)The central theme of “Psychotherapy of Character, the Play of Consciousness in the Theater of the Brain” and this web site, is that psychiatry has lost its way. Psychiatric issues are a human problem, not a brain disease. I was there when the phony biological disease model began. It all started with the alcoholism world. In the 1970’s there was a conscious decision to turn alcoholism into a medical disease. Before that time, the word disease was thrown around, but it was understood as a metaphor. This was in the service of underlining the idea that alcoholism is not a moral failing and it is not the fault of the drinker. This appeals to the very effective AA paradox that alcoholism is not your fault, but you do have to take responsibility through turning it over to a spiritual authority. Psychiatrists and AA adopted the propaganda idea that it is an actual medical disease (which it isn’t). Prior to this, the taking of any drugs, including the only two relevant psychiatric drugs –Thorazine and Lithium, was expressly prohibited. There was a time when I referred an alcoholic patient to an AA three-quarter-way house. She had legitimate manic-depression and Lithium was a constructive medication for her. The AA three-quarter-way house denied her admission because she was taking a drug. I had to write a letter as to why an exception should be made for her manic-depression. AA was correct in general with their attitude toward drugs, but this model did not work with manic-depression and schizophrenia.

Over time, ‘researchers’ began to come up with corroborating (untrue) evidence that addiction is a genetic-neurological-biochemical condition and is truly a medical disease. So addiction isn’t just an addiction anymore. This was very appealing to the AA world and they took to it hook, line, and sinker. Now “disease” is no longer a metaphor, but real. Then the wonderful opening up of neuroscience has gotten co-opted in the service of the conclusion that all addictions are neuro-biological diseases. By definition addictions are conditions where a person does not exercise control.  This does not mean that ‘he cannot exercise control’. Now all the addictions are biological including even iPhone addiction (It is an addiction, but not a disease). Because there are functional changes in the brain does not mean addiction is a brain disease. Because we have genetic differences, does not mean we are programmed to have brain diseases. These are faulty and commonplace conclusions. But this does not constitute evidence of anything but the speculative ideas of a cadre of researchers. All the papers that purport to validate these ideas conclude that functional brain changes are interpreted as causal, or meaningless statistics (that show no mechanisms) actually validate their false claims. And sadly these conclusions have been accepted as scientific fact.

It was only a matter of time that this spread like a virulent contagion to the belief that the rest of psychiatry was also composed of genetic brain diseases – biological depression, biological anxiety and phobic states, aggressive states, never mind phony diseases like ADHD, and “bipolar” for the masses. All these medical psychiatric diseases are to be treated by drugs. The ‘literature’ is filled with the same kinds of studies that purport to validate these conclusions. However, the speculative conclusions from these studies always end with, “This is one step away from actual proof, and we are almost there, and the final proof is just around the corner”. This is then taken as actual and real validation. Real proof  never happens. There’s just a huge collective body of pretend evidence from “prestigious” publications that have built a giant house of cards. None of this is questioned. In fact, contemporary brain research doesn’t even understand the actual way the brain works to create consciousness, personality, and psychiatric conditions. They are in fact barking up the wrong tree. I have addressed the same bogus scientific issues in regard to its corollary – pharmaceutical psychiatry – in the appendix of my book. Our house of cards now professes that the full range of psychiatric conditions, human suffering and its symptoms are biological, neurological, genetic, medical diseases. This is preposterous. “The emperor has no clothes.”

DSM-5 has just taken the destructive DSM IV to the next level. My book shows how human struggle and psychiatric symptoms is a human issue. I show how psychotherapy is the treatment for our human problems. I introduce a comprehensive paradigm for the neuroscientific operations of the brain, consciousness, and child development, which is an alternative to the bogus biological science of pharmaceutical psychiatry. It illuminates the way the brain actually functions. Psychotherapy is shown to operate on the brain in the very way that our character formed in our consciousness in the first place. We have to find our way back to an appropriate understanding of the nature of the human condition.

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