Here’s some encouraging news – France is onboard…

downloadI commend Psychology Today for the courage to publish Marilyn Wedge’s article in its March 9, 2012 edition, “Why French Kids Don’t have ADHD“. The APA might want to take note. France is clear – raise your children with boundaries, discipline, and love. Boundaries and a healthy discipline gives children the security they need to remain in control. There is no biochemical-genetic disease at all. Or maybe over the past thirty years there’s been something in the water so that one in five of our children are on psychoactive drugs. And we’re talking speed here.


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  1. Gary Keating
    Gary Keating says:

    Hi – I am a friend of your son’s.
    I have a 10 month old baby boy and my wife and I were just talking about what our approaches are going to be to avoid such behaviors – I have the book “bringing up Bebe” but would love your suggestions for further readings if you will…..
    Thank you
    Gary Keating

    • Robert Berezin
      Robert Berezin says:

      Congratulations on your baby. Raising him will be the best, as well as the most challenging undertaking of your life. I can’t really recommend a book for you, but I have some thoughts: With a first baby you are, of course, a novice and you kinda don’t know exactly what to do. So you have to learn as you go along by the seat of your pants. But the most important thing is for you and your wife to trust yourselves and take anyone’s advice with a grain of salt. The provision of boundaries and love is the best guide I can think of. In practical terms, the specifics will change all the time, of course, throughout his development. If you have a second child it gets a lot easier, because you’ve learned the hard way with your first child. Good caring relatives and friends can help you fulfill your maternal and paternal instincts when you get lost (as everyone does).
      I hope my book will amplify this response as it addresses the issues of child raising. Meanwhile, love him and guide him and you’ll be fine.

  2. Duenas
    Duenas says:

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