Bat Kid, How Wonderful. Bat Kid’s childhood play is alive and well inside each and every one of us.



The whole city of San Francisco stopped to Make-A-Wish for a little boy. All the activities of daily life, all the commerce, all the fierceness of regular street life were put on hold to create magic for one little boy. The whole city joined in as this five-year-old announced, “I’m batman.”, as he saved a damsel in distress. Not only was he immersed in his five-year-old play, but so was everybody else. We all have these dramas inside us. Most of us have grown up and have become decidedly realistic and rational beings. However, our childhood plays are inside all of us. Bat Kid was not the only one smiling on this day. Thousands of us, hundreds of thousands of us were smiling right along with him, as we are all batman deep inside.

The love of a child, the life of a child’s mind, the magic of our stories are alive and well in all of us. This should inform us everyday to partake of our own innocence  and giving and love. 

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