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A Brave New World – Somatic Psychiatry in the Spotlight

 Somatic psychiatry has taken over psychiatry, and replaced an in-depth understanding of human nature. The fundamental and incorrect premise of somatic psychiatry is that the source of psychiatric problems come from defects in the brain. The false belief is that we are subject to brain diseases, and we need somatic treatments to fix them. This […]

The Salvation of Psychiatry

The Salvation of Psychiatry, “A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of truth.” Albert Einstein   Psychiatry should be grounded in that quest for truth. It has, however, lost its way. The various theories during its psychoanalytic period were genuinely well intended seeking knowledge, truth and beauty. However, many of its theories were […]

Enough is Enough series, #6: LSD Reconsidered. When the past is not remembered, history repeats itself

 Biochemical Psychiatry is now moving in an unfortunate, potentially dangerous, and predictable direction. It is turning to psychedelic drugs. Michael P. Bogenschutz, MD in his article in the Psychiatric Times, April, 2017, “Innovative Strategies for Addressing Substance Use Disorders: The Classic Hallucinogens”. This is how it begins. Dr. Bogenschutz presents himself as simply open to […]

The Goose

   Once upon a time, a long time ago, Nancy and I were on vacation in Exmoor, outside of Devon. We were following the road wherever it led, and found ourselves on a winding one lane road, tall grass towering over the car. We spotted a white building glistening in the late morning sun, high […]

Enough is Enough Series, #5 – The fiction of ADHD is exposed. The French have got this one right.

 The time has come that the fictitious ADHD qualifies for my ‘Enough is Enough’ series. And it’s time to stop addressing pharmaceutical psychiatry on its own terms: fraudulent and corrupt science, spurious evidence-based psychiatry; and imaginary psychiatric ‘diseases’. I’m done with this. Let’s get real. (See – “Bad Science Creates false and Dangerous Beliefs”). Marilyn […]

Psychiatry is Edging Dangerously Close to Eugenics.

Eugenics was a powerful movement in England, the United States and Nazi Germany from the late nineteenth century until 1945. The basic belief was that bad degenerate genes were the cause of problems in society, and the solution was to cleanse the gene pool. Eugenics receded from the world stage after Germany lost World War II. […]