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A Hit Documentary Exposes Psychiatry’s Past Failures

Stranger Than Fiction The documentary Three Identical Strangers by filmmaker Tim Wardle takes us (spoiler alert!) from fun and frothy to a surprising left turn about the evils of human experimentation. The film raises moral questions that lead us, unsuspectingly, to a very dark place. When Bobby Shafran went off to college at age 19, he was […]

The Real Story of PTSD

I was driving in Cambridge in a blinding snow storm on Thanksgiving Day, 1970. When I braked to slow down, my car didn’t stop, it just kept on skidding. I slowly continued on. When I approached the stop light at Memorial Hall, I braked far in advance of the light and skidded twenty feet until […]

Postscript to the ‘Dylan Farrow Blog, Victim of Incestuous Pedophilia’, from four years ago.

 Today I read a follow-up article by Nicholas Kristoff in NY Times, February 4, 2018. ‘Woody Allen Meets #MeToo’ about the incestuous molestation of Dylan Farrow. I wrote a blog four years ago about his original article written in 2014. In the light of the cultural changes that have happened recently, it is timely once again. Because […]

Dickens’ “Christmas Carole”, A Psychiatric primer of Character and Redemption

  Forty-three years before Freud arrived on the scene with the Interpretation of Dreams, Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol. He taught us all we need to know about character formation, the effects of trauma, and the healing process of mourning. This most illuminating story prefigures the Psychotherapy of Character and is an exemplar of […]

Psychotherapy is THE Biological Treatment

Neuroscience surprisingly teaches us that not only is psychotherapy purely biological, but the only real biological treatment. It addresses the brain in the way it actually develops, matures and operates. It follows the principles of evolutionary adaptation. It is consonant with genetics. And it specifically heals the problematic adaptations of the brain in precisely the […]