An interview on the “Psychotherapy of Character”

IMG_1211 Eric Maisel has created “The Future of Mental Health Interview Series”. He is publishing a hundred interviews with mental health innovators and alternative helpers. This blog post introduces a hundred-day series of interviews with folks from around the world committed to non-traditional ways of helping individuals suffering from emotional and mental distress. He writes,

“We need a mental health movement that takes as its central tasks the following three:

1) Exposing the current, dominant paradigm that claims that human experiences of distress are “mental disorders” that are best treated with chemicals and talk

2) Providing alternatives to this paradigm and painting a broader, richer picture of what can help individuals in emotional and mental distress

3) Creating facilities, organizations, institutions, helpers and a worldwide mindset that support an updated vision of mental health care as human work and not pseudo-medical work.”

He has been kind enough to include me in this series. The interview with me will be published on 2/19: – “Robert Berezin On the Psychotherapy of Character”

It is being published on the ‘Psychology Today’ website –

I hope you’ll check it out on 2/19.

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