Add Tony Scott to the list of suicides on antidepressants

360_prozac_0226In “Tony Scott Anti-Depressants: Prescription Drugs Found In ‘Top Gun’ Director’s System” on the Huffington Post, June 24, 2013, We learn that Tony Scott was taking mirtazapine a tetracyclic antidepressant and Lunesta when he committed suicide. He is one more example. After incredible resistance from the drug companies it was acknowledged that there was a huge increase in suicides in children, then in young adults on antidepressants, particularly SSRI’s like Prozac. Pharmaceutical psychiatry is still blocking the reality that that there is an enormous increase in suicides in both adults and older people on these drugs. Not only that, in every instance, the horrendous  mass shootings that have been in the news have been committed by individuals on these drugs. Prior to their widespread use, there never were  violent crimes of these unimaginable proportions. Despite the claims of pharmaceutical psychiatry that so-called antidepressants cure ‘depression’, they are directly responsible for the enormous increase in suicides and homicides for all ages. These serotonin boosting psychoactive drugs affect our brains and minds and push people to act out their murderous rage. The numbers keep adding up. How long will it take until we take stock and realize that psychiatric problems are not brain diseases to be treated by  mind altering drugs, but human problems that need to be dealt with as such, through psychotherapy.

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  1. Will b
    Will b says:

    Great article. Was saddened and affected deeply by tony Scott’s suicide. I when aged 20 whilst suffering the post affects of a psychosis tried to commit suicide three times.

    I had been heavily depressed and probably needed to have mediation however my situation was made worse by those I was surrounded by.

    I eventually went on anti psychotics which helped my brain heal and suppress the trauma.

    I jumped off a tower.

    However seeing tony Scott’s reports on his death and background the shoe didnt fit.

    He was a man with all the things in life in place things I lacked which caused my depression to become worse.

    When you consider his medication it all makes more sense.

    He clearly had a severe distortion to his capacity to see his problems in a way that was relative.
    It would seem fitting that seeing these drugs cause side affects that distort thought processes and then cause hallucinations that this was the ingredient needed to fell a man in his position.

    It is so sad how trusting people are in their medication rather than seeking to talk about their feelings.

    I wish Ridley Scott made an attempt to publicise the fact that his brothers death was likely the cause of his medication. Try an exposé the companies involved.

    I lost my aunt who also had a contraindicating combination of medications prescribed to treat her bipolar disorder. I wanted to sue the gp as it would have been obvious if the correct research was done before prescribing. She died in a bowl of her vomit.

      • Will b
        Will b says:

        Thanks when it rains it pours but I have become better at preparing for the deluge.

        The funny thing is all the traumatic experiences are hard enough but family is much more difficult. I have become incredibly disheartened at the way the mentally ill or weak are victimised by family and others. It is very sad indeed.

        I also have been shocked at how badly treated some are at the hands of modern psychologists regarding diagnosis and a lack of empathy which is key to any real talking therapy.

        That together with the uk governments drive to literally fell the ill and disabled it has been a very bad time for the weak and vulnerable.

        The words of Freud and the psychodynamic therapeutic treatments seem far removed from the general psyche of those in power and the public at large.

        A massive dose of humanism is needed globally.


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