A commentary on Talk Therapy Found to Ease Schizophrenia

schizoA commentary on Talk Therapy Found to Ease Schizophrenia, by Benedict Carey, Oct. 20, 2015.

Honestly, it doesn’t really take a seven year study to know that talking to a patient is a revolutionary idea. Of course, we need psychotherapy; of course we need input from the community; medications may be relevant, but antipsychotics are not the treatment, but an aid to help diminish the terror. Schizophrenia is a human problem. People with schizophrenia are people. We need to make a relationship and deal with the psychotic character in psychotherapy. We need to treat the whole person. We have lost our way in believing that schizophrenia is some bio-neurological disorder.

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  1. leslie
    leslie says:

    Just how would you get a psychotic 27 year old into talk therapy when they have no awareness that there is a problem?
    My son has been hospitalized twice with paranoid delusions, he has been homeless, feeling safer sleeping behind a dumpster than in an apartment. The laws prevent me from doing anything to help him until he is violent, meanwhile he is disappearing in front of us. We are desperate to help him. He is much loved and cherished yet I feel that things will end violently for him based on the type of delusions that he has.

    • Robert Berezin
      Robert Berezin says:

      This is a very disturbing story, and not the first like this that I have heard. As you well know, no matter what, never give up. Sometimes there are schizophrenic organizations that aren’t medically based. Maybe if such a thing exists in your area, they may send someone over to talk with him and he may accept it? My antidrug stance is not total. There are times with Schizophrenia and manic-depression where if you ever can drugs on board it can help bring someone back enough to get help. The drugs aren’t the treatment, they allay some of the fear behind the paranoia. Then he can hopefully get into a talking therapy where the real work gets done.
      Best of luck,
      Dr. Berezin


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