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Mission Statement for robertberezin.com

The central theme of “Psychotherapy of Character, the Play of Consciousness in the Theater of the Brain” and this web site, is that psychiatry has lost its way. Psychiatric issues are a human problem, not a brain disease. I was there when the phony biological disease model began. It all started with the alcoholism world. […]

Final Update

The book is out. It is now available on Amazon and all the online bookstores. You can also purchase it through Amazon from my website www.robertberezin.com in the “Books” section.

Update on “Psychotherapy of Character, the Play of Consciousness in the Theater of the Brain”

“Psychotherapy of Character” is now in publication. I have the author’s copy in my possession. In two weeks it will be accessible right here on “www.robertberezin.com”, and all the online bookstores. If you have a sense that drugs are not the answer. If you are tired of the destructive direction and misleading promises of the […]

ADHD is a Phantom Disease

Thank you Moritz Nestor for your article in” Current Concerns”, March 27, 2013, Inventor of ADHD’s Deathbed confession: “ADHD is a fictitious Disease”. It’s so important to bring psychiatry back to reality.  Children need boundaries and love, not too complicated. It’s just hard to do. But that is the job. Some kids temperamentally have a motor. […]

An Illustration of Temperament and Consciousness

Return of The Little Haters and Beating The Little Haters are wonderful videos that stand on their own. They are also beautiful illustrations of how consciousness actually operates. People, like Jay, have an Internalizer temperament. Consequently he is routinely subject to attacks as if from the little Haters. People with an Externalizer temperament don’t experience internal attacks […]

There is a new Paradigm for Psychiatry

In Psychiatry’s New Guide Falls Short, Experts Say, NY Times, May 7, it says, “Dr. Insel is one of a growing number of scientists who think that the field needs an entirely new paradigm for understanding mental disorders…” This is definitely true. Unfortunately, Dr. Insel’s critique of DSM-5 extends biological-pharmaceutical psychiatry even further in the […]