To Recover from the Numbing and Addictive Effects of Antidepressants

Hand_numbnessThank you to The International Society of Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry for sending me this documentary – “Numb” (a very appropriate title) by Phil Lawrence. In it he tries to detox from a Paxil addiction. He documents the suicides and homicides from antidepressants that have been suppressed by the drug companies.

Keep in mind that these “antidepressants” don’t fix brain chemistry. They are psychoactive drugs that alter and warp brain chemistry and throw it out of balance. Also it is very important that to detox is difficult and slow, and should be done under supervision. Watching this trailer is very disturbing. The pevalence of antidepressants in our society is even more disturbing.

We need to give our psychiatric patients proper care, and do no harm. Psychotherapy is the only effective and humane treatment. It actually operates in a manner that is consistent with the way the brain and consciousness actually operate. Psychiatric issues are not brain problems, they are human problems and need to be dealt with as such.

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